Global Expansion of Services to Canada, South Africa and New Zealand

We have incredible news to share and that is RiiG are expanding out to Canada, South Africa and New Zealand following the success of our involvement in the insurance of casino business out in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

We have been getting interest from north of the American border to insure the casinos found on Indian reservations and to look after casinos that are based in South Africa and companies that host online casino services to players based in New Zealand.

Casino insurance has picked up and almost doubled since 2019. Below we share with you, some of our business plans when it comes to global insurance and reporting, should your business, no matter what country you are in, wish to be insured by RiiG Insurance.

Do you have multinational reports?

Only multinational coverage may not be enough for U.S. companies with a global presence. Our research shows that most medium and large companies are insured, insured, or uninsured. RiiG works with companies and their agents, brokers, and risk management companies to design global risk solutions to meet the organization’s specific business and financial risks.

What is total insurance for your business?

Global insurance protects American companies that have multinational branches or operate worldwide. There are new challenges in every new country where the company operates. The right to insurance can be a complicated bureaucratic maze because of the linguistic landscape, local laws, customs, and rules that differ from country to country. Comprehensive insurance helps protect your business around the world from a variety of claims, including property damage, personal injury, and computer and data damage. This can also help reduce complaints and increase customer satisfaction if the supplier has local relationships and field skills.

Companies with an office in the United States typically have a variety of business insurance coverage, including cyberspace and data insurance. But imagine if security breaches occurred at one of the company’s locations outside our country? In most cases, computer and data insurance violations by U.S.-based offices do not cover international complaints. Global Insurance is expanding its reach to international companies to American companies operating in other parts of the world.

RiiG has a long history of helping companies protect companies that are important to their success, designed to meet their specific needs. When these companies also operate outside the U.S, we are fully committed to helping them protect all their global operations. That’s why we set up the RiiG Global Insurer Network to provide local insurance to American companies with multinational offices. This insurance is issued locally, paid in local currency and specifically for the country in which the company operates.

Given against was not accepted

Different countries have different rules and regulations. Insurance companies are considered canceled or canceled depending on whether they are licensed and comply with local insurance regulations. If they are licensed locally and comply with local regulations, the insurance company will be considered a licensed insurance company.

Ten years ago, police might have been enough to secure American companies in most international locations, but more so. Regulators are increasingly demanding local licensed service providers, higher insurance limits, and extended insurance coverage conditions that allow compensation services to be provided through local police liaison officers.

Globalization and technological development are uniting companies around the world. When the supply chain reaches multiple countries, each link must be protected at all stages of the process. This means that global insurance has become a wise investment and must ensure that accidents or errors at an international point in the business process do not exceed profitability and achieve business objectives.

The benefits of P&C insurance for your business are:

  • Centralized insurance group
  • The cost-benefit ratio;
  • Uniformity of opacity
  • Coordinated and consistent handling of complaints

RiiG works with insurance companies in over 200 countries to provide insurance in the licensed and locally licensed areas. RiiG coordinates the requirements of specialist architects, local insurance companies and expert services, as well as resources to provide on-site, customer-focused solutions.

Types of Global Commercial Insurance

Many customers want broad coverage: property, damages, manager and manager responsibilities, financial and professional considerations, and even information and network violations.

RiiG offers a wide range of insurance to American companies with global operations, including:

• Security and data breaches

• Business interruption and income insurance

• general responsibility

• Commercial automobile insurance

• Professional liability insurance

• Employee compensation insurance

• Staff and ransom allowances

• Business travel insurance

• Commercial roofing insurance

Customers increasingly expect security solutions to manage the overall risk of local operations.

What are the benefits of global insurance?

Today, even a small business can buy or sell products and services abroad. According to a recent customer survey of The RiiG

• 90% were sold for the sale of products and / or services outside the United States (including Internet sales).

• 86% of employees who travel abroad to work

• 70% of the spaces rented or held outside the United States.

Fortunately, global guidelines can be written for companies of all sizes, possibly in all industries.

Various factors must be taken into account in a larger account, for example B. the combination of the size and scope of the business and the financial structure. If you operate in a fair market, you need a strong financial presence. Litigation with third parties is increasing even in emerging markets.