Casino Hotels and Gaming Insurance

Casinos and hotel games are basically risky companies. Our hotel and casino game programs serve all types of casinos, including hotel casinos, independent casinos and state casinos. We understand that these advanced customers have special requirements for hedging and risk management.

The biggest advantage

• The cover is adjustable to cover functions, theatre and entertainment, games

• Above the limit of up to $ 180,000,000

• Risk management and control of game structure


All types of casinos and hotel casinos are approved in each state. We can offer additional hotel / casino and tribal casino features, including event rooms and theatres.


• Wide coverage within Legionella & Construction is unknown

• Does not automatically contain special buildings

• Wide pollution

Insuring a Gamble

The information described above is for information only. See General Terms, Exceptions and Limitations for current policy. If there is a discrepancy between the above information and the current policy, the policy will be reviewed.

Hotels, resorts, casinos and other places that entertain people provide a very high level of assistance. This means that the owner is legally obliged to do everything possible to protect his guests. If not, the operator can be considered negligent, as can be seen in the following cases:

Two years ago, a Southern California teacher received nearly $ 3 million in compensation for accidents at regular hotels and casinos. Upon arriving at the casino, the woman slipped on the leaked water, fell on a hard plate and suffered a concussion. According to his lawyer, he suffered from memory problems, fatigue, nausea, dizziness and vomiting after the accident. When the incident took place in the tribal area, the attempt was made by arbitration and not by the judicial system. After five days of arbitration, he received $ 55,000 in past medical expenses, $ 1.9 million in lost income and benefits, and $ 1 million in unspecified financial losses.

In another case involving an Indian casino, $ 11 million in damages for illegal deaths was confirmed after the bus contracted by the casino fell and two older customers were killed. The lawsuit states that the casino is responsible for the negligence of our bus company and bus company.

Three years ago, in hotel / casino value, a man was sentenced to $ 5.6 million in jail for breaking a chair, falling, and slapping his head on a table. Play and land on a chair. He underwent major spine surgery. Injuries include past and future medical costs, as well as increased pain and disability.

A hedge fund manager was given a $ 160.5 million sentence for a brain injury he sustained after being attacked by security forces. According to the trial, which was allegedly attacked, illegally beaten and captured by security forces, he found it difficult to walk and concentrate and suffered from headaches, disorientation and fear. Before the accident, the actor led the $ 1 billion hedge fund and generated $ 11 million.

Hotel casinos can overtake everything from slips and falls to injuries, attacks and pool drums. Even if adequate safety measures are taken, accidents and incidents happen, especially in an environment where alcohol and gambling are mixed. A lot can go wrong.

It is not enough for hotel casinos to rely on general liability insurance and a comprehensive policy, as evidenced by the few examples of rules and prices we have listed above. A large deductible is required, in combination with a strong risk management program, to respond to a serious accident. High-limit roof insurance is available for up to $ 300 million. Above all, rate the operation of the casino to adequately assess the total coverage required to protect its assets and to ensure that current and ongoing building security programs are implemented.