Resources in Insurance Group plc

It’s all in the name.

RiIG is a leading service provider for insurance management and insurance consulting.

We offer a combination of solutions, including:

• Complaint management for outsourcing

• Field research

• Expert in loan application management

• Examination and advice

Our experts work in all important product groups:

• Engine

• Rent a loan

• PI engine

• Liability / accident

• Properties

• lender

Amounted to

• Tourism and marina

We were one of the first signatories of the Aldermanbury Declaration, a key element to our business strategy going forward.

What We Do

We provide a blend of solutions that can be standalone or as an integrated service.

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Claim management outsourcing

• Focus on MCC with experienced replacement engineers - on average more than 10 years of experience.

• Thanks to an innovative agreement with one of the leading office equipment suppliers, we can be located anywhere in the UK.

• Able to manage all major FNOL product lines until completion.

• Use your own supply chain or, if necessary, we can present it.

• Field inspection agencies can use their own mark or our “Verification” service.

• Online complaints technology with online connections.


• Dedicated groups carry out their work at their headquarters through systems and processes.

• The team is fully focused on your project and is under our control.

• Visibility and money savings, with enhanced customer experience.

Check if it’s exactly like that. You can investigate your complaint at a reasonable fee with the right level of qualification.

What are we doing?

We offer a mix of solutions that can be offered independently or as an integrated service.

Navigate to the menu on the left to find our range of services and our innovative approach to each of these ranges.

ITeam is our claims management too. iTeam not only offers an FNOL solution for handling office requests for processing in our own request center, but also for our proven and highly successful factory solution.

Management outsourcing receivables

• Special customer nodes with experienced injury technicians - more than 10 years of experience on average.

• Thanks to an innovative agreement with leading office equipment suppliers, we can be located anywhere in the UK.

• You can manage all FNOL product lines essential for completion.

• Use your own supply chain or we can introduce ourselves if necessary.

• On-site inspection facilities can use your own brand or our own “Check” service.

• Web complaint technology with online access.


• Dedicated teams do their work on your site using your systems and processes.

• The team is fully focused on your project and is guided by us.

• They are visible, improve the customer experience and save money.

We offer solutions for all production lines and employ highly experienced employees

Check if this is the problem. You can check the claims with the right expertise at a fair price.

The audit is designed to provide a free desktop exam solution. It operates across the UK and has access to 80 on-site inspectors.

The audit covers the following key areas:

Check the car

• Accident investigation

• location

• Certificate

• flight

The amount is

• Collection of documents

See accommodation

• Check the situation

• Fight against fraud and low value cases

Check responsibilities

• Certificate

• Reports and references

• Collection of documents

Check creditors

• On-site visit to confirm the insured situation

Manage risks

• What / who do you insure?

• Possibility to check loss and insurance

The revision of our complaint management proposal can be chaotic to provide the complete solution needed.

RiIG was born in 2000

Originally known as The Claims People Group plc, the business wasfocused on a core loss adjusting and outsourcing claims management proposition.

We recognised the market had moved on and that we wanted to make claims the real service advantage for our clients.

This meant a fresh approach to the sector, with focused solutions that delivered excellence at all levels in the claims lifecycle and process.

RiIG understand that as a claims manager you are likely to be focused on the following priorities:

• Controlling costs

• Acquiring flexible expertise

• Maximising the customer experience

• Minimising the risk of new suppliers

We now offer a range of services for the claims sector designed to fit your requirements:

• Claims Management - Insourced/Outsourced

• Field Investigation - Verify

• Audit and Review

• Consultancy

As you will discover, our services are always bolstered by fresh thinking.

Opinions and suggestions

Consult offers high quality clothing and business consulting to improve your customer experience and develop employees.

Our services are practical and aim to generate value as quickly as possible.

Our services include:

Inspection and test

• Technical and service audits of internal remuneration functions and external service providers - all important independent aspects.

• Loss management and benchmarking

• Analysis of variance

• Official Authority: assessment and adequacy of the collector

work out

• Training and advisory services: work in your department with the staff in your department and develop practical knowledge and trust.

• Technical training packages and courses

• Create technical manuals

• Online training packages

change of direction

• View and implement the process

• Project management services

• Due diligence and evaluation of the supplier

Interim management

• Increase administrative resources and project teams to help disadvantaged people.

Our job is only to guarantee:

• Our customers pay the right prices

• Our customers understand the needs and offer them

• Our customer’s brand is protected

• Our customers are satisfied!

The company has three main goals:

• Continuous and constant profitability

• Become a selected service provider

• Be the chosen employer