Your eyes and ears

Verify offers innovative solutions ranging from surge support; providing you with additional field investigation resources in response to spikes in demand, to anti fraud assistance; designed to complement your handlers’ desktop enquiries.

Verify is entrusted by leading insurers, as it is proven to produce cost savings without compromising the customer experience.Our experienced, product-specific investigators make us stand apart from our competitors. This approach delivers consistency as opposed to a generalised offering, which quite often will fall short of your desired outcome.

The verify suite of products includes:

  • Counter Fraud
  • Property / Surge Support
  • Liability
  • Verify Motor – motor theft product; investigation, including statements and Locus
  • Verify Risk – risk surveys / pre inception confirmation
  • Verify Complaint – customer service / PPI visits

If you are not receiving the service you expect from your current providers, please get in touch.